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Punching Shear Reinforcement


Product overview

CLIXS is an innovative punching shear reinforcement system, which is based on the use of bevelled steel plates being able to absorb both punching force and shear force.  This enables CLIXS to become a throughout user-oriented application ideally suited for the precast industry.

- Placing of the stirrup wings on the first or second upper reinforcement layer possible.

- Easy stockage, only L – Plates (no danger of confusion).

- Pre-assembled individual solutions ex works.

- Linear arrangement of the elements, not  radial (easy and quick installation).

- Special unique software for installation

Key benefits

- Software supported design for precast and in-situ concrete applications.

- Alignment of the CLIXS-Line-Elements parallel to the lattice girders for collision free operating.

- Easy and quick installation of one or two

- Ø 6 mm stirrups

- Overlying on upper reinforcement layer

- Inclination of stirrups up to 30° authorised

- Securing of stirrups by a clip

CLIXS – Example of Applications

Space-efficient transport without using spacers

Download the Technical Specifications sheet

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