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Product overview

Reinforcement technology range of includes ready-made systems for the manufacture of reinforcement joints, without penetrating the formwork.


BETOMAX® systems has the perfect solution every time f or ultimate in safety.

Measurement range

 — Standard length 1.25 m, height of the box: 30 mm

— Significant advantages for the planner: Excellent concrete bonding owing to perforated beaded strip

 — Significant advantages on the building site: COMAX® P speeds up completion of shuttering owing to tear-off cover - no tools needed

 — COMAX® P - KOMO certified

 — COMAX® P - robust and very strong

 — COMAX® P is highly compatible with the BETOMAX®injection system

 — Practically no restriction of injected material

 — DIN 1045-1 load capacity utilization

Download the Technical Specifications sheet

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