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Universal Dowel Sleeves

Product overview

Universal Dowel Sleeve is a multi-directional metal sleeves supplied with high capacity square dowels. They are designed for construction joints in both ground and elevated slabs and for both contraction and expansion at the joint, as well as having a large lateral movement capacity are available in several different standard sizes and custom sizes on request. Easy to attach to wood and metal formwork.

  • Fast fitting to formwork

  • Lateral movement with capacity of up 20 mm either side of the dowel

  • Large expansion joint capacity (20 mm standard)

  • Available in 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm and 50 mm dowel sizes available​​

  • Distributed in 2 part kit, Sleeve & dowel  with a friction cut square dowels Grade 300.

  • Galvanised box with Galvanised Dowels – other dowel types available on quotation

  • Designed for Post Tension joint applications with large shrinkage working with Kwik Sleeve

  • Allows for movement in the horizontal plane, in two directions

  • Simple fast installation.


Universal Sleeve

Universal Sleeve

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